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EWPA Yellow Card

EWPA Yellow Card

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  • RIIHAN301E


This licence will allow you to operate the following EWP’s: Boom Lift under 11metres (BL) Vertical Lift (VL) Scissor Lift (SL)


  • Price $327.00
  • 1 day duration
  • Arndell Park
  • Onsite training available
  • Nationally recognised
  • Group discounts
  • Online booking available
  • English a second language? Our trainers will do all they can to help


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Course Description

EWPA Yellow Card Trained Operator Licence

This course covers all the requirements for obtaining an EWPA Trained Operator Photo Licence.

Successfully completing any of the selected classes of this course will allow you to operate any type of EWP in that class within Australia.

EWP modules include:

  • Vertical Lift (VL)
  • Scissor Lift (SL)
  • Self-propelled Boom Lift under 11metres (BL)
  • Trailer Mounted Boom lift under 11metres (TL)*
  • Truck Mounted Boom Lift under 11metres (TM)*

This course does not cover the requirements for operating a boom-type elevated work platform with a height or reach of 11 metres or more. A High Risk Work licence class WP will be required to operate this type of EWP.

*Delivery of TL and TM modules by prior arrangement only.

For information on why you need a Yellow Card or updating from and old yellow card click on the following links:

Why do I need a Yellow Card?

What’s the difference between the Old and New Yellow Cards?


Total duration is 1 day. Training and assessment is conducted on the same day by an EWPA Accredited Trainer.

Fees and Charges

The course fee is $327.00 per person (GST exempt).

This fee includes all course materials, EWPA Application fee and issue of the wallet sized Yellow Card Trained Operator Licence.

Please contact us for group training rates.


Training can be conducted at Workplace Training Centre’s facilities located in Arndell Park NSW.

Training can also be conducted on your site providing the following requirements are met:

  •  – Training room with tables, chairs and screen (or blank wall for a projector)
  •  – Suitable clear operating area
  •  – Each type of EWP required (in serviceable condition with no faults and operator manual present)
  •  – Fall Arrest harness with current inspection (for BL, TL or TM training)

Travel and parking costs may apply to onsite training.

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<h5>Get your licence!</h5>
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Course Outline

  • Presentation, discussion and EWP operational activities
  • Practical training on each class of EWP
  • Knowledge and Practical Assessment

Learning Outcome

On completion of the course, participants will have gained the following skills and knowledge to:

  • Plan Operations: Hazard management and consultation
  • Pre-operational Inspections: on each type of EWP class being conducted
  • Operate: Lifting to varying heights and travelling through obstacles
  • Conclude Operations: Parking, securing the equipment and following site specific procedures


Upon successful completion of the course, a Yellow Card Trained Operator Licence with your photo will be issued by the EWPA with each class of EWP successfully completed.

If required, a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment can be issued (RIIHAN301E – Operate Elevating Work Platform) issued by Workplace Training Centre.


There are no prerequisites for this course

Elevating Work Platform Association conditions for assessment:

  • Applicants to be at least 14 years and 9 months
  • Able to produce sufficient identification with name and photo (ie drivers licence, passport etc).
  • Speak and understand English at a level to be able to participate in the training and assessment.
  • Note: Oral assessments can be arranged for applicants with writing and reading difficulties.


Where Workplace Training Centre receives sufficient notice of cancellation (at least 48 hours), a refund of fees may be available. Cancellations within 48 hours may incur a 20% cancellation fee.

No refund is given for non-attendance or cancellation on day of training.

More information can be found on our website or a hard copy can be obtained from the office.