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The new Go Together campaign - New road rules for sharing the road with bicycle users

Tuesday, Mar 01, 2016 WPTC 0 Comments

From March 1 2016, the NSW government introduced new road rules that essentially tackle a problem that is familiar to many of us, how to make the roads safer to use for bicycle riders. Almost all of us have witnessed or experienced some level of road rage involving a car and a bicycle.

The new Go Together campaign addresses this issue and has stated new rules to make clearer what has until now been a blurry line between road users. The key objective is to keep bicycle riders safe as they are far more vulnerable to injury from a traffic accident than the driver of a car. Drivers of cars are now required to give bicycle riders at least 1 metre of space when over taking in a 60' zone, this increases to 1.5 metres in 60+ zones.

Many accidents involving bicycle riders are caused by cars running the bicycle into the kerb by passing the rider too closely. The new rules allow car drivers a few relaxed rules such as drivers can now cross lines and striped islands to safely manoeuvre passed the bicycle. There are now fines enforceable to drivers that choose to ignore these rules.

Hopefully in 2016 and beyond we will see a reduce number of road accidents involving bicycles.

For more information about the new Go Together campaign and to learn the safety rules please visit