SL stands for Scissor Lift. Scissor Lifts are Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) used to elevate personnel, equipment and materials. Scissor Lifts are generally used in manufacturing, construction, and industrial industries. These lifts have a criss-cross or “X” pattern. They can only move up and down to raise or lower a person or persons to a desired height and cannot rotate or telescope. Scissor Lifts have large platforms that can t several people at once along with the equipment required to perform a task. Most scissor lifts can only reach heights of 20-50 feet (around 15 metres) and because scissor lifts only move vertically, there is no way to manoeuvre them around obstacles. Scissor lifts are powered either electronically, pneumatically, or hydraulically. Scissor types can be self-propelled, trailer or truck mounted and come with or without outriggers or stabilisers.